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The Hollow
Please Step Out of the Vehicle
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5/31/2013 1:13:23 PM
Not surprisingly, playing Taylor Swift simultaneously with Linkin Park does not result in a better song. I know this because my two step-children are cleaning their separate rooms while listening to their own respective stereos on full blast. It's times like these I realize how different they are from each other, despite having chillaxed in the same womb at some point in time. I suppose I should put on some headphones...

So it's probably time for me to post something about music. More specifically, my own, and when you should prepare your body to hear it. Long story in a tiny package, I'm currently recording the "In Wasted Space EP," but I may be too much of a perfectionist for my own good. Truth is, if I don't fully appreciate a sound in one of my songs, I delete the shit out of it. If something just isn't miked well enough, I record it again (and again, and again, and again...). The piss poor fact that comes along with this perfectionism is that you will undoubtedly have to wait for more music, which is why I started this "gazette" in the first place. Better to give you guys something to do then to watch you twiddle your thumbs toward the "unlike" button, right?

That isn't to say there isn't something coming your way very, very soon, however. Something in 1080p, to be a little bit "hinty."

The positive aspect of this whole waiting process is that, when you finally get your hands on the record, whether you like it or not, it will be a complete and unadulterated form of me, distributed through the delicious medium of tunes. No lies, no smoke and mirrors, no bullshit. You will hear through headphones what I hear in my head.

I couldn't really ask for more, could I? We live for an incredibly short period of time, and what better way to leave our own impacts on the world than through the artistic medium? Even if it turns up as nothing more than your fingerprints on the window of a skyscraper, it will still be there. It will still exist.

So get out there and make some shit that can't die. That way, you can't either.

- Barker

Listening to: "Dakota," by Stereophonics
5/17/2013 1:33:25 PM
I’m not too sure how my memories are stored, but I can say with almost 100% certainty that it doesn’t involve a filing cabinet. In fact, I’d say any method of organization has been thrown out of the window for the sake of something more reminiscent of the bedroom belonging to a teenager, or a toddler.

(Do bedrooms actually belong to toddlers? I mean, at what point does a child get to say, “This is MY room”? Does the state of ownership ever leave the hands of the parents, or are we merely renting? This is the shit I think about.)

I’m standing inside of a snow globe. As far as I can tell, this is the best, if not only way for me to describe how the inside of my mind feels. My actions, thoughts, words, impulses and memories spend their days zipping around my consciousness like snowflakes, all because somebody or something opted to shake the damn thing around. Right when I’ve got my eyes on one of the flakes, it disappears into the mist of a thousand others.

However, on very rare occasions usually accompanied by disaster, the dust settles down into heaps on the ground and I am free, if only for a moment, to rummage through them for remnants. I have to be quick, though! Who knows when everything will be flipped upside down again?

It’s usually at these times, when we are allowed this small period of time to look at the rubble that surrounds us, that we find out who we really are. Oh, how we wish the flakes would stay still for just a moment longer, so we could arrange them how we wanted. If only we could bring the more beautiful ones to the top, keeping the sad and ugly buried underneath. But before we know it, everything is upside-down once again.

We have zero control over the snow globe, and we should all be thankful for that.

Because the automatic truth is that every single one of those flakes, however hated, is beautiful. Not because of the way it looks, or the way it makes us appear to others or to ourselves, but very simply, because it is there at all. You see, our parents, whether you call them by the names of gods or chemicals, have yet to turn over ownership of this consciousness.

Everything is for rent and we are the borrowers. We are the chosen. We are the ever changing. We are the existent. We are the flakes inside the snow globe.

So in all our endeavors, no matter the danger or hardship, let’s not forget how beautiful it is to be anything at all.

- Barker

Listening to: “Scientist,” by SONOIO (Daniel Myer mix)
5/10/2013 7:07:23 PM
I haven’t had a migraine in years. Fucking YEARS. I had almost forgotten what they felt like (dost I need any reminder?) until one punched me in the face today in the most hypothetical way possible. Hypothetical in that migraines obviously don’t have fists to punch with, and not-so-hypothetical in the way that the pain of being struck in the head repeatedly with a crowbar was still felt. Sorry. IS still felt. Like, right now.

Despite how long it has been since my last migraine, I can always tell when they’re getting started. You know how when you look at a bright light, such as a lamp, or the Sun, for even the briefest of moments, it leaves a “stain” on that portion of your vision? Well, I get one big-ass one of those on both of my eyes. It starts out small, yet grows and grows until I wouldn’t be able to see the entire left side of my wife’s face. It’s a pretty face too. It makes me sad and shit. And I can’t just close the affected eye or anything. That’s actually how I know it’s a migraine: when both eyes reflect an identical visual distortion, I know for sure that the distortion does not originate in my eyes, but from somewhere within the brain enclosed in my skull. Then, after a while, the headache kicks in and I am debilitated.

So why write about this?

Because this feeling, this headache, this sensation of a dinosaur splitting my skull open in preparation to hatch, is completely real.

TRUTH: We spend too much of our time trying to be something we’re not (I know I do) while constantly exhausted by the effort it takes us to shove ourselves away on those few occasions when we get to see what we really look like. Shit. We may even have a certain level of control over how much of the “real me” we allow ourselves to see at any given point in time, but that “control” we feel is merely the medium that carries us into the world of plastic and made-up faces, isn’t it? So is that really better? Which “you” would you pick if you had to choose? The ugly truth? Or the beautiful fallacy? The worst part about this process is that, after a while, we will most certainly forget who we were to begin with.

The greatest tragedy of all.

This migraine, or any other time my brain says “fuck you, I’m doing this,” is a reminder that life comes with a steering wheel that is not meant to be held on to. No matter how much I try to maintain control of the wheel, there will always be points along the path where the real me will need to come out, obliterating all of my plastic “truths” and knocking me on my ass in the process, leaving me debilitated.

I'd like to be more okay with that.

- Barker

Listening to: “Human After All,” by Daft Punk
Radio Premier!
2/10/2013 10:29:30 AM
Hey everyone! I've got some super-glorious news for those of you in or around the Planet Earth region. Tune in to wwwBYRRadio.com on Tuesday, February 12, 2013 to hear the radio premier of The Hollow's first single, "Please Step Out of the Vehicle." We even have a pretty sweet event thrown up onto our Facebook page at Facebook.com/wearethehollow! This should be great; I hope to see you all there! - Mike
Scoring Horror
12/28/2012 7:33:43 AM
Greetings everyone! Long time, no see (speak, type, etc.)! Apologies for the delays and lack of updates, as I've been super-duper-busy on a new project that YOU might be super-duper-excited about! The Hollow has been asked to score the music for an upcoming web series, showcasing gloriously ancient horror flicks! The information I have is limited, but I will toss that over to you as soon as I can! Stay rebellious and have a great new year! Godspeed, Mike
12/3/2012 12:32:25 PM
This is it, friendlies: The official website for "The Hollow" is now operational. Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible, whether it was by supporting my emotional progress, buying my music, or by stealing it, many of you have made a huge difference in my life simply by helping me release a few jingles. Thanks to all of you, and enjoy the music! After all, it belongs to you. - Michael
New half-length EP in the oven
11/4/2012 7:57:14 PM
So there’s something I need to get off my chest: music. I have been creating music for years now, but have only just begun turning my songs into recorded tracks; turning recorded tracks into a full-length album. That said, here’s my problem. I don’t see an album as being a random assortment of songs thrown on a disc. An album has meaning and flow. An album has a theme. The meaning and flow that came with some of the first songs I have ever written is now long gone. I can’t put them into the full-length, because they will throw off the entire meaning of it. So, prior to any full-length release of the future, I am going to put this ancient, acoustic music to rest in an upcoming half-length EP entitled, “In Wasted Space…” The cool part? Those songs will be accompanied by two noisy new tracks from the full-length I have in progress, so stay tuned. Godspeed, fellow empty, - Mike
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